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Welcome to Wolves Basketball Academy.

Wolves Basketball Academy provides a friendly and fun environment for children with special needs to learn the fundamentals of basketball as well as play on a team.   Wolves runs basketball clinics for children with special needs during the late fall and winter on Saturday mornings in Scotch Plains.    In the spring and summer Wolves runs a middle school league as well as a HS league that is an inclusion league.  Every team has 1-3 special needs players mixed with non special needs players.   All games have referees and we keep score.   This is an amazing environment to teach the special needs players the TEAM concept and how to move without the ball and play defense.  It has been a big success.

Congratulations to Jeff Mayerson for being named at Top 6 finalist for the 2023 Jr. Knicks Coach of the Year Campaign!

Wolves Basketball’s Inclusion League.

WBA’s “Inclusion League” consists of teams that have 1-3 special needs players mixed with non-special needs players.   This enables the special needs player to learn from their non-special needs teammates. They learn how to play team basketball.   They learn how move without the ball and play defense. The non-special needs player get great exposure to these amazing children and understand the challenges they face on a daily basis.  We have a middle school age league as well as a high school age league. There is a spring league as well as a summer league. All players get team shirts and every game has refs.

We are raising money to start an endowment. This money will be used for the following:

– Pay for additional staff for our first ever summer camp, clinics and new programs.
– Continue to help families who can’t afford the cost of our programs
– Reinvest in uniforms, equipment and supplies
– Train and mentor others who want to start a special needs basketball program around the country

Inclusion League

Fall ’23/Winter ’24 Now Open For Registration


Wolves Basketball is pleased to announce our First ever Volunteer Scholarship.   If you are a graduating HS Senior please fill out the form and email it to [email protected]

After School Programs:

Wolves Basketball Academy offers one-on-one training as well as after-school basketball programs.



The program IS great. Thank you and your crew for all of your hard work and dedication. This program is about way more than basketball. Its also about belonging, participating and having something to look forward to on an otherwise quiet weekend. These kids don’t have many opportunities to socialize in a program where they feel safe and comfortable. Not to mention, they are getting exercise.

We look forward to starting up again in the fall.

“Hi Jeff,

Paulie really enjoyed basketball this year! We want to thank YOU for a great job!!! My only suggestion is to continue what your doing because its wonderful!!! thanks so much ! have a great summer and we look forward to fall basketball!”

“Thank you wolves academy for this wonderful inclusive program!  Coach Jeff , all the staff and the volunteers do a great job of teaching the basic skills of basketball while providing a venue for children with autism to feel accepted and proud ! My son truly is enjoying this experience!”

“Thank you Jeff!
The Nole twins are really enjoying themselves. We can see you are a great coach and we hope your program will continue.” 

“I cannot thank Jeff and his team The Wolves enough for such a great clinic they ran on Saturday! My son Danny loved it and learned a lot in one day. As a parent watching I was amazed at how fast the time went. This type of program is so amazing not just for children with challenges but for the model players they both learn from each other.”

“What a terrific experience this has been –  Jeff has developed a terrific inclusion league that is competitive & enjoyable for all! “

“Wolves basketball academy has given me a new appreciation for life and allowed to me to give back while still having fun.  Thank you!”

“Jeff runs an amazing basketball league for middle school and high school.   The inclusion aspect for my son offers a unique opportunity for him to play a sport he really likes with so many welcoming peers.  In just a couple of weeks I see how this setting has improved my sons basketball skills, but most importantly, it has instilled in him a renewed confidence and pride in his capabilities and a chance for him to further develop his social skills.”

“Jeff successfully balances the flexible needs of the inclusion kids, while maintaining a completive spirit for all the kids;  all in a fun filled game setting.  Truly an exceptional occasion that should be replicated in other settings.  Our many thanks for the chance to participate is such a great event.”

“The Wolves Basketball Academy has been fantastic for our daughter. Jeff has assembled a wonderful crew of coaches and volunteers. We look forward to the Saturday Wolves Basketball clinics.”

“My son Ethan looks forward to basketball each week. The boys are so amazing and kind towards Ethan, making him feel included. And whenever Ethan gets a basket, his smile lights up the room. Thanks Wolves Basketball Academy for making this all possible!”

“Great way for my son to get involved in organized sports and increase his social interaction skills!”

“We are extremely grateful for this program that allows our son to participate and feel included. The coaches, and peer volunteers are always caring, compassionate and motivating. Coach Jeff has been a consistent positive role model who has made an enormous difference in our son’s life over the past years. He continues to grow in not only the area of basketball skills, but social skills, life skills along with building life- long friendships.”

“I want to compliment you on the clinic. Of all the different sports-related activities we have tried with Matt yours is the best by far!”

“Thank you Jeff!
My son Kester had a blast! We hope they can continue with this awesome program! Kudos!”

I would like to extend our sincere appreciation to you for coordinating this program. Our son, Diego attended the sessions and absolutely LOVED it. He has wanted to learn how to play basketball for quite some time, but does not feel comfortable playing on a regular team due to challenges with his diagnosis. This was a great place for him to start and just have fun, while learning basic skills of the game. He was so excited at the end of every session and asked if he could go back for more.

You did a great job of organizing the clinics and the mentors were all terrific. Our son felt comfortable and was able to be himself with other kids who share similar challenges.

We so appreciate your thoughtfulness to have a clinic for children with special needs. We can tell you that sports is a favorite pastime for our son. It helps him to build physical stamina and strength, have lots of fun, builds confidence, and builds teamwork, social, and problem-solving skills – something incredibly important for all children.

Thank you for your efforts and know that you are appreciated.
Keep up the great work!
Diego is asking for more clinics :-)”